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About Us


Our retreats are held in exceptional locations that are sure to take your breath away and stay etched in your heart and mind forever. With Holidays with Yoga, leave your regular life behind and immerse yourself entirely in rejuvenating your zest for life, whilst enjoying a new culture and place.

We love travel and our team choses destinations that are memorable and gives each guest a deluxe experience whilst enjoying the peacefulness of yoga. The yoga sessions on these retreats are designed to suit all ages, with or without experience. Relaxing, transformational, fun and conducted by trained professionals, there could be no better way for you to rejuvenate yourself. 

We organise bespoke retreats and workshops for clients who are searching for something less ordinary and more personal to meet specific needs. We cater to private groups, corporate events and we can personalise each experience to suit your unique requirements and desires, giving you the holiday of a lifetime. Our close collaboration with you as we plan and book our trips allows us to ensure that your wants and needs are met and that all goes smoothly.

Holidays with Yoga is not your ordinary holiday planner, neither are we agents or tour guides. Instead, we focus on finding you the best options and designing a retreat that leaves you speechless at the end of it, yearning for more and wishing you could do it all over again. You are not our clients. As teachers of yoga, we see you as our students who we want to inspire in a setting that allows you to see and embrace the beauty of life.

If you want to experience the beauty of yoga but cannot commit to an overseas experience, we offer private sessions which we can conduct in the comfort of your own home. We are experienced, certified and specialised instructors, trained in various areas such as pre and post natal yoga, pilates, kids yoga and many more. 

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