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Tibet Weather in June

June is the one of the best months to travel in Tibet since the weather is warm and pleasant. Although June is the warmest month, there are sharp changes in temperature, the minimum temperature is 9 °C and the maximum temperature is 24 °C.

The first half of June is generally dry. You can enjoy sunshine most of the time since it seldom rains except occasionally at night. The weather in June is also fine for hiking.

verage Minimum Temperature (℃): 9
Average Maximum Temperature(℃): 24
Tibet Average Temperature(℃): 17
Average Precipitation/Rainfall(mm): 63
Wet Days(>0.1mm): 8
Relative Humidity(%): 64


The temperatures change greatly on the altiplano. In the north part of Tibet, people wear thick coats all year round (including July and August which are the hottest months in most of the areas in China). The highest temperature is 4-5 degrees centigrade in northern Tibet. It also snows in July and August.

The temperature difference in a single day is big. In Lhasa, the temperature in June arrives at 23 degrees centigrade at daytime, but falls to 10 degrees centigrade at night. Sometimes it will snow or sleet at night, so you'd better take some down garments (those with hats will better), woolen sweaters, warm gloves, warm and wind-proof shoes and socks. Wearing several layers of clothing that can be easily added or removed is the wise choice since temperatures may vary greatly within a single day.


Take an adequate supply of any prescription medication you use regularly, including medicine for cold, headache, stomach ache, and insect bite, diarrhea and so on. Most over-the-counter medicines, such as aspirin and anti-diarrheal pills, are available in Lhasa, but are more difficult to obtain outside of urban areas. If you wear contact lenses, be sure to bring enough cleaning solution for the term, since this is hard to find, and expensive. Bring diamox pills which are believed to prevent the altitude sickness.

Skin care products

Wind and solar radiation are quite strong in Tibet. The skin care products are quite necessary, such as lip balms, sun block, and skin creams,sunglasses. Ladies should take the high SPF sun-cream. By the way, do not forget to wear a hat and a long-sleeved T-shirt which can effectively protect you from being exposed under sunshine. Please pay much attention to this advice. Many people just neglect it and are seriously burnt on the trip.

Cash and credit cards

In Tibet, credit cards can only be used in big hotels in big cities such as Lhasa and Shigatse. Remember to bring some cash in different denominations and prepare enough cash for the days you are out of Lhasa since ATMs are few in the more remote areas.

Electrical current

The electrical current in Tibet is 220v, AC 50 Hz. There are numerous different plug types used in Tibet , so it might be easier to purchase an adapter once you get there.

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