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A visit to Nepal is a must for a million reasons. The mountain sides at the northern end of the country are some of the most idyllic on the planet; lush as well as arid, with bio diversity and a dazzling variety of cultural and natural settings. No matter what your expectations, Nepal will surprise you with its warm hospitality and the ocular feast of its mountains and plains, its serene hills and its untamed gushing rivers.

In the city of Kathmandu alone there are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites that have got to do with the country’s rich history and architecture. The historic palaces of Malla and Gorkha kings, legends of the Kumari Living Goddess, temples, monasteries and ancient cities of Patan and Bhaktapur are a sight to behold. The lakeside town of Pokhara offers fantastic views of the mountains, Annapurna range and fish tail peaks including Annapurna I, which, at an altitude of 8,091m, is the tenth highest mountain in the world. Phewa Lake is the travelers’ focal point in Pokhara, and is the second largest lake in Nepal and on a clear day the Annapurna mountains are perfectly reflected on its mirror surface.


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